Patient Testimonials for Desert Springs Acupuncture

I have been a patient of Brittany Onken for over 4 years. In this time I
have found her to be professional, effective, and very personable. Her
bed-side manner helps ease the patient into treatments for a wide variety of
physical ailments. Ms. Onken has helped in my relief of back pain, knee pain,
and various other medical issues. Having lived and worked in China and
undergone many acupuncture treatments there, I have been especially
appreciative of her delicate touch in the insertion of the needles. I can
barely feel them going in, and, at the end of treatment, I feel very relaxed,
even euphoric at times. As a psychologist, I am impressed by her thorough
history taking and her diagnostic acumen. I recommend Brittany, without
reservation, based on my personal experience of this skilled practitioner.
— Dr. Neil Weiner, PhD
I will forever be indebted to Brittany Onken for introducing me to the world of acupuncture in order to relieve chronic neck pain for a C-2 fracture over 25 years ago. I have lived with a measure of pain for all of those years as the scar tissue, bone spur and arthritis have reduced the comfort and mobility of my neck for all these years. She gave me my first acupuncture treatment and I honestly did not think it would make all that much difference. But I was wrong!! I had the first ten day stretch of no pain and increased mobility in all those years. She was very sensitive and made the whole experience extremely positive. I can recommend her to anyone who is suffering and needs relief.

I would still be going to Brittany for treatments but I live out of state from where she is practicing. But, I receive my monthly maintenance treatment and am so grateful for a life free from the tight constricting pain of all those years, thanks to her!
— Nancy Harline
One of my favorite things about acupuncture is the the feeling I get afterwards! It’s like a release of serotonin as it has a calming effect on the nervous system. Brittany has a sensitive and caring bedside manner as I feel she is really listening to me and what my body is saying. She is able to read my symptoms and know the best application of needle points. She offers a therapeutic style of Chinese acupuncture gained from her schooling and stay in China. Healing is a gift and I believe she possesses this gift.
— Cheryl LPC
I received an acupuncture treatment while going into labor with my second child. It helped calm my nerves and my breathing. I had a very smooth labor, much different than my first. I would recommend Brittany to anyone looking for a therapeutic treatment while in labor.
— Sommer Maxwell