Feeling Frazzled and Overwhelmed with Life??

Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed!? Have no fear the perfect treatment is near! Millions of Americans say they deal with extreme stressors on a daily basis. Sometimes we cannot avoid how hectic life is with deadlines and schedules, but how can we better deal with it? Acupuncture! Of course we all have things that come up in our lives that make us feel anxious, overwhelmed, fatigued, or even panicky. In this case Acupuncture and the tiny needls inserted strategically into certain points in the body will send signals to your brain to regulate hormones such as corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) and other stress hormones so that we are able to deal with the stress better. So when we can't always take the habitual stressors away there is a way to help your body feel better and perform better under duress.

Acupuncture helps calm your mind, bringing more clarity to your thoughts to help you deal with difficult problems. Acupuncture also helps stop the sympathetic stress system reaction in your body which when unchecked can reek havoc on your digestion leading to pain, bloating or uncomfortable and frequent elimination of bowel, which can be quite uncomfortable! You don't want to be in an important meeting worried about how your gut is going to react under the pressure.

Many people also fell panicky and anxious in their chest when they are under a lot of pressure or stress this can also reek havoc on your body and your heart after dealing with this reaction for long periods of time, that tightness in the chest can bring unwanted heart issues and weaken the hearts function. It's best to handle that stress well because that constant pressure in your chest can become quite dangerous to your health.

What about Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a practice based on ancient Chinese Medicine theories that have been around and used for thousands of years. The body is a whole and complex system and your acupuncturist's job is to determine what in your body or which organ system is out of balance. They use techniques for diagnosis such as observation and questioning with tongue and pulse diagnosis. Then the acupuncture needles are inserted into specific points that have been studied and known to help the body with certain conditions, directing your body's innate energy force to correct the imbalance. It is mostly considered very safe with few minor side effects as well as not painful. 

Why wait?! Your health is too important to take a pass on. Take control of your health and don't let stress rule you and get the best of you . Feel your best now and look out for your future and don't let stress and pain rule your decisions and reactions. Try Acupuncture for stress it is just what you have been looking for.

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Why Get Acupuncture?

When you hear about tiny needles being inserted into the body for therapeutic benefits you may ask yourself why?

Let me tell you then, when you strategically insert tiny stainless-steel needles into your body they help balance your Qi. The Qi being your energy center in your body leading to a new calmer, healthier you. Well thats the Eastern explanation. Modern science shows according to brain scans and thermal imaging, that Acupuncture activates your nervous system promoting chemical messengers involved in blocking pain and relaxing your body.Well what does all that mean to me, how can Acupuncture help me? Let me tell you the ways..

Physical Pain
Just a few precise insertions can stimulate your peripheral nervous system, triggering a chain reaction involving painkillers such as endorphins. A recent analysis of 18,000 patients found acupuncture quelled chronic headaches, neck aches, and backaches. 


That relaxation response means less stress for you—and a reduction in related symptoms like insomnia, headaches, and fatigue. (One theory: The needles block the release of stress-related hormones cortisol and neuropeptide Y.)

Smile! That uptick in endorphins and other "happy" neurotransmitters, including serotonin, leads to a palpable mood lift, especially if you're a frequent patient.

The practice can quell inflammation in your nasal passages. Experts suspect it might also stimulate your immune response, leaving you less sensitive to allergens or less dependent on medications.

One analysis found that acupuncture could be an effective quitting aid. The aforementioned endorphin release may block cravings or make withdrawal easier. Acupuncture can also aid in the detoxification process to help your body eliminate those unwanted toxins.

Say adios to bloating and breast tenderness: A review revealed that getting Acupuncture cuts PMS pains by up to 78 percent, possibly because it helps dial down stress and regulate hormones.


Don't Put All Your Trust in Pills When it Comes to Your Health.. Look at the Long Term

This may be no surprise to some of you whom read labels of drugs endlessly, but the FDA is issuing new warnings for all (NSAIDS) nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Aleve and the generic options as well. This warning is released after more evidence that these drugs can increase your risk for heart attack, even if you don't take them often. This news to me is alarming because it seems every week there is new findings with prescription drugs showing they are harmful in ways unknown and undergo very complex processes that are unique to every body. Even though  drugs are well researched people can still have adverse reactions to them.

For example I recently learned that Zofran a prescription drug designed to help with nausea for pregnancy and/or cancer patients is now at risk for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects!! Are you kidding me!? I took that pill several times with my first pregnancy. Researchers and the FDA just realized this? How does anything get approved with supposed rigorous testing, and then come out later being extremely harmful to the patients taking it! It also seems every time you watch TV there is a new recall or warning for a drug that has has evidence of showing serious and fatal side affects. This makes me very hesitant and skeptical for other things the FDA approves and condones, such as some vaccines. It is hard to make good judgement calls when drugs that are scientific based and supposedly tested endlessly come out with conflicting evidence for users. Disturbing to me.

What I also think of when I read about harmful drug labels is that there are other viable healthy alternative options out there for those suffering with ailments such as pain relief. Some people are skeptical to try something new and put there trust in something less known or "scientifically tested", but I think the risk is much less with alternative options such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic and herbal remedies. Even though there is little or no serious side effects some people may think it is all the placebo effect. I contest that complaint and also embrace it. Because of placebo or someone's belief  that something will work influencing the outcome, is present in modern medicine as well. Placebo plays an important role in the healing process. For instance did you know that your relationship with your doctor, the repor and confidence you have in their abilities can change the way you feel and if you get better? That's placebo. Also did you know that if you take a red pill vs a blue pill the perceived outcome will be different. People feel better and report less pain when they take a red pill. Even if the pill is just a sugar pill. Also people feel more drowsy if they take a pill that is blue. That is why and you may have wondered why pills are the colors they are. This is studied and Sleeping pills are usually blue. These are just a few interesting examples that come to mind. So yes placebo and the believed outcome is powerful. Meaning someone's mindset is also instrumental to them feeling better.

With the example of Acupuncture there is quite a bit of evidence suggesting it can have benefit with pain relief as well as a host of other health issues. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture looks at the body as a holistic system and aims to resolve issues at the root cause. But there is still some hesitation with people because of the fact that it may not be as easy or as cheap as taking a pill. It's true Acupuncture may not be an instaneous relief or a quick fix that people are looking for and often is more of a financial obligation. But these alternative methods are life long choices to insure health over the long term, something many don't think about. It's a lifestyle choice and a preventative measure taken. These treatments are there to promote balance, relieve stress on the body so that your body may function optimally in the long term. This is the shift In mindset. People are drawn to what is comfortable and easy like over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen, but a lot of these drugs have serious side effects in the short and long term. This is an important distinction to make. It is always best to take control of your health, find what results work best for you and make informed decisions for the long term.





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You Might Be Surprised to Find What a CT-Scan Can Show About Acupuncture Points..

This is a great find! I stumbled across an article that explains that acupuncture points are not only real but visible in certain imaging! In this article the researchers found that certain points on the body, when examined closely with a CT scan and contrast radiation are different in structure than non-acupuncture points. This means that there is a visible way to see that there are in fact acupuncture/acupressure points on the body.

If you click on the link in the title, the article will explain this a lot more in scientific depth. Basically the imaging on the CT scan shows that where acupuncture points are known to be there is a unique structure of inverted microvascular (tiny vessels) bundles that create a sort of opening. Along with a unique opening or vascular bundle these areas also have a higher oxygen pressure than surrounding it. There is a diagram showing where the points are and how they show a higher oxygen pressure within.

When these micro oxygen pressure systems and tiny nerve bundles are activated this can signal several types of neurotranmitters that can help with many different kind of bodily functions. A certain neurotranmitter can be activated, which is involved with vasodilation in the CNS, (central nervous system) or a part of blood pressure system. Activating these points can also stimulate neurotransmitters associated with regulating the sleep and wake cycles, as well as neuropeptides associated with bone development and growth.

Read more as there is much to say about the findings that now make acupressure/acupuncture points in some ways measurable and show distinct differences in the anatomical structure. 

New Imaging Technique Shows Acupuncture Increases Blood Circulation..

When you click the title it will take you to an article that talks about how a new imaging technique called Photoacoustic tomography provides evidence that acupuncture increases blood circulation to the brain. When needles are inserted it elicits a response to the brain via the nervous system. Imagine what benefits that has on the body as a whole. In that case imagine what Acupuncutre could do for those suffering with headaches or migraines!


Have Chronic Back Pain?.. Acupuncture is your answer

Many Americans have tough jobs, work hard and this no doubt takes a toll on our bodies. But we don't necessarily have to have a job that requires hard labor to suffer from back pain. Even desk jobs with improper posture and positioning over time can reek havic on our spine. Others have been involved in car accidents or became injured with recreational activities. 

One of the top causes of back pain are sprains (overstretching one or more of the ligaments in the back) and strains (a rip or tear in the muscle caused by sudden force). Whatever the issue is there is valuable help available to correct those spinal injuries, muscle strains, and sprains related to the injuries. Most people will do anything to avoid having surgery and other forms of treatment such as massage, chiropractic or physical therapy just haven't given them the results they desired. This is where acupuncture comes in. There are many great studies showing how acupuncutre can give lasting relief to back pain sufferers. Whether it be arthritis, Degenerative disc disorder (DDD), or bulging discs etc., there is proven relief from those tiny needles being inserted strategically into the skin. Relief happens by releasing endorphins and blocking pain receptors signaling the brain. People using acupuncture have been found to use dramatically less pain medications than those not receiving treatment. 

 There are several different ways of looking at back pain from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. We need to remember to take off our western medicine hats so to speak to understand the philosophy behind it. There are three common conditions when addressing back pain from an eastern perspective.

The first being a Qi and blood stagnation in the body. What does that mean? Qi is a term used to explain the vital source or energy in the body which flows through meridians or channels that connect all the organ systems together. This is not a scientific term, and Qi doesn't translate all that well into our western/allopathic understanding of the body. But Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around and studied for thousands of years. They have come to understand that the body in a holistic way in the sense that everything is related and affects your health. The emotions you feel, your spiritual well being, as well as the food you eat are all taken into effect when it comes to your physical health.

That being said when there is an injury or a muscle group under constant stress or "wear and tear", this causes the body to be constantly inflames and trying to heal the area by sending more blood and nutrients. After time this fluid accumulation can create a blockage and make it hard for the area to heal with the constant inflammatory process going on. This is a local Qi and blood stagnation. Acupuncture points to address this stagnation are usually local with a few anti-inflammatory ones as well as some distal points that are related to the channel affected. 

Another common cause of back pain is what is called a cold and damp obstruction. Again don't try to compare this to what you have learned with modern medicine. Chinese medicine is very basic in the sense that the elements around us can affect us. These conditions can go internal to affect organ systems when an underlying weakness is present. This means outside conditions of cold, damp, heat and wind can all have negative effects on our health.

What can cause cold and damp obstruction? This can be caused by being subjected to cold-damp weather such as heavy cold rain or heavy snow over long periods of time, as well as certian dietary choices leading to internal dampness and poor digestion. When our system is weakened and out of balance, caused by extreme weather and an underlying weakness, this allows the cold and damp condition to move internally causing stagnation leading to pain. Pain from cold and damp obstruction is worse in the morning, feels worse with cold and damp weather. The pain improves with heat applied, such as hot packs, herbal patches, or warm showers. Often there is numbness, swelling and a sense of heaviness as well. There are other factors present and changing which are all very specific, so rely on your acupuncturist to be your guide in helping you figure out what is the specific cause and how best to treat it.

Another common source of back pain in TCM is called deficiency type pain. This is from an underlying deficiency in one or more organ system or a yin or yang deficiency. Yin and yang being the balance or interplay of the male and female aspects of the body. Not talking about simply body parts but the functions of the body.  Yang being the active moving force that is in charge of the active energy the body needs. And yin being the quiet essence or moisture, performing secretions internally.

To simplify this description of deficiency type pain is to say the cause is from a lack of fluids that moisten and cushion the joints. You could make the comparison to arthritis in western medicine, as it often affects middle aged or elderly people, is a dull pain, chronic/ongoing and improves with rest. There are also many ways to treat this condition let your acupuncturist find the expert solutions for you. 

As you have seen this can be a complicated and sensitive matter knowing how to treat a condition just right and sometimes take several or up to 10 sessions to find lasting relief as everyone reacts differently to being acupuncture. This is not to discount the majority of people who find instant relief within one or two visits. Most often just a few simple points can be enough for your body to signal the release of endorphins and block those pain receptors giving patients the relief they are so greatly seeking.


Fighting Allergy Season

If you click on the title you will find an article with some different tips on surviving allergy season with alternative options. I know this time of year is rough for me especially. Dr. Joseph Mercola suggested taking vitamin D supplements as one easy tip that I was surprised to hear. Vitamin D is important in helping allergies/asthma, of course small amounts of natural sun are the best way to get it, Because I personally don't think tanning beds are the healthiest option. Another key point being that your overall health relates highly to your gut/digestion as immunity starts there. I am a firm believer in taking probiotics everyday to balance the good bacteria in your gut and eating natural food with the least amount of preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, fillers etc. If you can't understand most the ingredients in something and there is a long list , it's usually not a good sign. How well we digest our food has a lot to do with the amount of nutrients we assimilate and thus how we feel! Good stuff!